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Spotlight on Innovation - Shamut introduces the world's first heated fabric that molds effortlessly to complex shapes, sustains even temperatures, and offers superb breathability. Shawmut, the world leader in developing high-performance composites from textiles, non-wovens and films via lammination and coating technologies.




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Military & Protective Clothing

Footwear & Outerwear

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Flame Lamination

Solvent-Based Adhesive Lamination

Thermoplastic Adhesive

Solvent & Water-Based Coating


Rewinding & Slitting

Die Cutting & Blanking

Compression Molding

Heat Sealing

Vacuum Forming

Dielectric Welding

Materials Testing


Featured Application: Flame Lamination

Flame Lamination
A process used to produce laminates by bonding over an open flame. The exposure to the flame creates a thin layer of molten polymer. It is brought into contact with the secondary layer under pressure to develop a bond between two surfaces. Flame Lamination


MVT & Performance Barrier Films Low Cost Disposables
Flame & Heat Resistance Molding & Foaming-in-Place
Chemical & Biological Protection Liquid & Air Containment
Durable Garments Molded & Die Cut Parts
Darlexx Stretch Barrier Laminates Custom Solutions

Trim Components Division

The country's leading innovator in the development and production of molded and die-cut soft components for automotive interiors. Learn More >>






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