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Production Capabilities
Flame Lamination
Solvent-Based Adhesive Lamination
Thermoplastic Adhesive Lamination
Solvent & Water-Based Coating
Rewinding & Slitting
Die Cutting & Blanking
Compression Molding
Heat Sealing
Vacuum Forming
Dielectric Welding

Compression Molding

With over thirty years of experience in the compression molding of textiles and polymer substrates foams, Shawmut’s Trim Components division works with hot and cold molding processes, in high-volume automated and low-volume niche production formats to deliver optimal cost-effective molding solutions.

Performance Specifications
Small presses for low-running, low-tooling, fast to start programs
Large presses for high-volume, low-piece price alternatives
Automated presses for one-step mold, form, and cut



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