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Production Capabilities
Flame Lamination
Solvent-Based Adhesive Lamination
Thermoplastic Adhesive Lamination
Solvent & Water-Based Coating
Rewinding & Slitting
Die Cutting & Blanking
Compression Molding
Heat Sealing
Vacuum Forming
Dielectric Welding

Solvent-Based Adhesive Lamination

Liquid polyurethane adhesive is applied directly to a substrate via engraved rollers, which is then bonded under pressure to a second layer.

Performance Specifications
Width capability up to 72”
Room temperature processing of temperature sensitive
Discontinuous application of adhesive through a wide range
of applicator patterns
Experience with films as thin as 5 microns
Production of washable and dry cleanable laminates
Expertise in handling high stretch substrates
Flame retardant laminates



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