Shaping the future through advanced materials

Shaping the future through advanced materials

Shawmut: A leader in multi-layer materials engineering and design since 1916

Shawmut is the largest independent laminator in the U.S., and our technical fabrics offer real-world solutions to our customers in the automotive, medical, defense, and protective and performance wear markets. Because the markets we serve are dynamic, so too is our approach to innovation, and our mission to develop strategic capabilities to better service our customers is continuous. That’s why customers across a wide range of industries have made Shawmut a trusted materials provider.

We have gone from strength to strength by developing a global customer base and product delivery platform, cutting-edge technology platforms, and a state-of-the-art TS/ISO certified manufacturing network. We are a leading manufacturer and supplier of engineered textile components.


In 1916, our company acquired its first facility – America’s oldest woolen mill. By the 1940s we were manufacturing and distributing our own line of braided fabric and branded knitted children’s apparel, as well as synthetic yarns. During World War II we supplied the military with yarns for parachute shroud lines, knitted blankets, field jackets, and bomb parachutes.

In 1958, we became the first U.S company to license a newly-developed European process, known as flame lamination, to use with our jersey cloth. Shawmut soon became an industry leader in flame-lamination, and the process remains one of our key core competencies to this day.

In 1984, the company moved to its present West Bridgewater headquarters, where we continue to set the standard for transformative developments in advanced materials development.

Today, with a global manufacturing platform and partnership network, we are proud to be one of the most trusted suppliers of fabricated and engineered textile materials in the world.


As the manufacturer of advanced materials we are uniquely positioned to adapt quickly to the demands of a global market. We currently serve the following industries:

Shawmut Corporation LLC - Global Headquarters
208 Manley Street
West Bridgewater, Massachusetts 02379
Phone: 508 588 3300

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U.S. Locations

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