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At Shawmut, we understand that our greatest asset is our team. Nationwide, we have 700 employees who serve as experts in our engineering, analytics, technical, and support resources. As a company, pride ourselves on having a work environment that is collaborative for the fast-paced, dynamic nature of the industries we serve. It is because of the integrity and spirit of our team that we can consistently provide excellent solutions for customers in all of our many markets. At Shawmut, we are committed to making our work environments safe, healthy, and enjoyable for all of our employees.


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Human Resources
Shawmut LLC
208 Manley Street
West Bridgewater, MA 02379

Shawmut Corporation LLC - Global Headquarters
208 Manley Street
West Bridgewater, Massachusetts 02379
Phone: 508 588 3300
Automotive sales:
Medical sales:

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U.S. Locations

West Bridgewater, Massachusetts
Port Huron, Michigan
Plymouth, Michigan 
Middletown, New York
Clinton, Tennessee
Lughoff, South Carolina
Burlington, North Carolina
Laguna Beach, California   

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Global Locations

Tijuana, Mexico
Silao, Mexico
Hermosillo, Mexico
Krupka, Czech Republic
Nagoya, Japan
Suzhou, China
Hannover, Germany

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