footwear and outerwear solutions: Extraordinary materials for anything but ordinary conditions

footwear and outerwear solutions: Extraordinary materials for extreme conditions

It Starts with Breathable, Durable, and Flexible Materials…

Along with serving our other markets, we provide sophisticated lamination solutions and technical support for the footwear and outerwear industries. In the footwear industry, we supply engineered composites for molded insoles, laminated composite lining products, and breathable barrier film laminates. In the outerwear market, we provide a wide range of laminated products with high-performance characteristics, including durability, breathability, comfort, noise-reduction, and stretch.

Engineered textile composites that go to extremes

Lamination technologies utilized:

  • Flame
  • Adhesive (non-solvent, gravure printing)
  • Thermoplastic powder, web, film
Key properties achieved:

  • Barrier (water, wind, chemical, etc.)
  • High Moisture Vapor Transfer (breathable composite)
  • Durability (high abrasion-resistance, strong cohesive strength, multiple wash/dry cycles)
  • Soft hand and drape
  • Stretch & Recovery
End-Use Products:

  • Waterproof Breathable Boots (hunting, hiking, military)
  • Athletic Footwear
  • Molded Insoles
  • Military (Berry Compliant) Outerwear
  • Impact Protective Garments
  • Flame-Resistant Protective Gear
  • High-Performance Outerwear


As a leading manufacturer of advanced materials globally, we are uniquely positioned to serve a variety of industries. Currently, we serve the following sectors, as well as providing custom solutions:

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