Barrier Films for the Medical Industry

Barrier Films for the Medical Industry

Medical Material Solutions: Proving Comfort, Safety and Durability in Critical Situations

As a team, we understand the unique challenges of materials for medical applications. Our ability to laminate thin barrier films to various substrates provides the highest level of barrier protection while maintaining the unique substrate properties. We are a major supplier of moisture, vapor, and viral barrier material that are used in surgical gowns and drapes.

Orthopedic Devices
We provide a wide assortment of materials for the orthopedic device market, including Darlexx®, an omni-directional breathable laminate with excellent stretch and recovery properties, and Velcro®, a compatible fabric laminated to films, foams, non-wovens, and stretch spacer fabrics.
Inflatable Devices
We manufacture barrier films for applications that require air-holding capabilities such as, blood pressure cuffs, low air loss hospital mattresses, and lymphadema prevention devices, that provide pressure as a means of therapy or measure diagnostics. The barrier films are produced from a variety of polymers, which are sealed via impulse, RF, ultrasonics, and hot air.
Durable Barriers
Our durable barrier fabrics meet ASTM 1670 and 1671 requirements for blood and blood-borne pathogen protection. Our lamination and adhesive technologies allow composites to maintain their protective properties through the rigors of numerous industrial launderings, autoclaving, and critical end-use applications, while maintaining the vital textile features of the individual components.
Disposable Barriers
Our ability to laminate at high speeds and to control adhesive add on weights below 3 grams/sq. meter make us a competitive alternative to direct extrusion coating. Our room temperature curing adhesive system allows us to laminate thin barrier films without subjecting them to heat and excessive pressure.


As a leading manufacturer of advanced materials globally, we are uniquely positioned to serve a variety of industries. Currently, we serve the following sectors, as well as providing custom solutions:

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