Protective Fabrics

Protective Fabrics

Protective Materials for Extreme Conditions

Shawmut produces added-value laminated components for a diverse set of protective applications including MVTR laminates for apparel, waterproof/breathable booties, thermos-formable composites for ammunition packs as well as CB-resistant structural textiles for tenting.

We focus solely on lamination as an added value component to a diverse range of protective apparel. We produce high MVTR laminates for use in apparel applications, footwear uppers and waterproof/breathable booties, thermo-formable composites for gun holsters and ammunition packs, and structural textiles for tenting which provide CB resistance.

Product Categories

Fire Services
A firefighter’s suit must be resistant to extremely high temperature, provide and protective barrier against harmful chemicals, remain durable against the elements ad multiple commercial washes—all while maintaining a high moisture vapor transmission to guard against heat stress.

Chemical & Biological Protection
Our products range from non-woven/Saran® film laminates used to make HazMat suits to durable surgical gowns capable of achieving ASTMF 1670 and ASTMF 1671 standards for blood and viral barrier resistance.

Utility Workwear
One of our core competencies is the development and production of laminated hard and softshell materials capable of providing waterproof breathable functionality. Utility rainwear conforms to requirements such as ANSI/ISEA 107 for high visibility workwear, flame resistance and electrical arc resistance.

We use PVC/Nonwovens and inherently flame-resistant fibers – such as PBI®, Nomex® and Kevlar® – structured into woven fabrics or knits, and combined with selectively permeable membranes.


As the manufacturer of advanced materials we are uniquely positioned to adapt quickly to the demands of a global market. We currently serve the following industries:

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